8611 Weston Rd, Unit 9B
Woodbridge, ON,
L4L 9P1, Canada

Phone: 905-652-6000


IVY ED is an amazing learning center. My daughter has improved very much and my son cannot wait to come here! I would not change a thing about your program. Teachers are amazing. IVY ED is #1.
Mary B
When Luca came to IVY ED he was very behind and his confidence with school was at an all time low. Since coming to IVY ED, Luca has improved dramatically. He was typically a C or D student and is now an A and B student. The best part is watching his self-confidence grow as he continues to do well. He has learned what it feels like to be successful in school. A huge thanks to your staff.
Lilly Z
We would like to thank you for your amazing effort to make some time available for Alessandra on such short notice. Your commitment to your students and their well being is truly remarkable. We appreciate your great service for our community, but above all we appreciate your genuine human touch, which is hard to find these days. We also like to thank Marc for taking time during his weekend to help Alessandra. You have a great team of educators and we wish you many more years of great success!
Carmen S.
3rd grade was very challenging for our daughter.  She is a smart girl but did not like going to school because she was not doing well. A friend recommended IVY ED. They did an assessment and found the gaps in her education that were keeping her from getting good grades. After tutoring at IVY ED, her grades improved and most importantly her self-esteem improved. She now loves going to school.  We are so glad we came to IVY ED.
Kathy H.
I am very pleased with my experience at IVY ED Learning Centres. Naz and his staff really care about my son and his ability to develop as a solid performer in math and reading. After using several tutors, I turned to IVY ED in desperation. They immediately tested my son and developed a personalized program for him in the areas that he was struggling. He has since drastically improved his reading skills and continues to excel in math. 
Michelle P.

Rear view of a father and his son holding hands