In high school, French is only required in Grade 9, and many students opt not to pursue the language in the following years. Even if students choose to make Grade 9 their final educational experience with French, they can still find themselves struggling to complete assignments and understand the material. High school is when essays start in force after all, and students can feel overwhelmed from wrapping their head, tongue, and writing around the language.

At IVY ED, our French tutors can help with comprehension, work reviews, conversation development, pronunciation, enunciation, and can offer assistance with assignments and essays for French students. This can help build confidence and comfort with the material and make their final year go more smoothly. Alternatively, students may discover a real love for the language and opt to continue onwards. If so, IVY ED will gladly support and assist them throughout the higher levels of high school French education.

French tutoring is especially useful for any student who has their eye on future employment opportunities, particularly since high school is when such prospects start getting serious consideration. Any job that involves public interaction can benefit from the ability to understand and be understood in more than one language, but the true benefit comes when seeking work with the government. Being able to speak French provides a significant leg up in any effort to seek employment with provincial or federal agencies, from student work-placements to internships and more.

IVY ED tutoring is done on a one-on-one basis with an Ontario-certified French teacher. This direct interaction allows students to be given the individualized attention they need so that their unique approaches to learning can be understood and accommodated. School classrooms lean towards one-size-fits-all solutions out of necessity, but tutoring allows for students to have their needs directly addressed in order to help them unleash their full potential.

IVY ED’s French tutors are available for French immersion students as well. Since these children use French for all their primary subjects, our educators can help tutor on a number of topics through French communication.