French is a required course throughout elementary school in order to give children more exposure to the broad expanse of Canada’s cultural history. At IVY ED, we provide general language instructions, reviews of prior class work, conversation and pronunciation practice, and assistance with assignments for French studies. The ultimate goal is to help students improve their grades as well as the confidence and attitude they display with the French language. In doing so, a more positive relationship with the tongue can be fostered and help open more doors in the future.

Learning French is not just about knowing Oui and Non. Developing additional language skills has very real and noticeable influences on other aspects of education and development. Building bilingual skills, even without full proficiency, helps support a child’s attention span and ability to identify and express key concepts from materials. These skills have countless applications throughout further education and in the world beyond.

IVY ED tutoring is done on a one-on-one basis in order to provide students with the focused and individualized attention that can serve them best. All of our French tutors have extensive educational and language backgrounds and are fully Ontario-certified. Focus is given not only to helping students improve their comprehension levels but also for the expectations of the Grade 9 French course.

IVY ED’s French tutors are available for French immersion students as well. Since these children use French for all their primary subjects, our educators can help tutor on a number of topics through French communication.