Study Skills


Every student approaches learning differently and these differences can be readily apparent when study skills are examined. Some students can devour a textbook chapter and deliver facts with ease but stumble when asked to extrapolate or apply those ideas or information in different ways. Others struggle to manage their time well or constantly lose track of work or assignments. These are just two examples of the wide spectrum that exists. Students don’t come with any special knowledge about how to manage themselves and prioritize. Parents don’t always know how to help in these matters either. This is why, with any program IVY ED offers, effective and efficient study skills are also imparted onto students.

The overarching objective when trying to teach study skills is to give students the tools they need to do homework, assignments, and to study independently. Part of this process involves finding ways to make a subject’s material align with a student’s values. For instance, a student who has trouble relating to material they can’t see practical use for might be able to have an easier time studying if they learn how to find real-world examples of those concepts.

A key part of building these sorts of skills is taking into account the unique way each student works with information. Some can grasp material quickly while others need to explore a subject in more depth to comprehend the numerous parts within a general concept. Some students thrive on nuance and explanation while others work best with direct statements and descriptions. The goal for us at IVY ED is to find out the individual quirks and needs for a student and to not only accommodate those styles in our teaching but also to help the student use those same inclinations to drive their work independently.

Time management and organizational techniques are a large part of this process. Calendars, daily planners, sticky notes, schedules, and more can be explored as ways to help students keep themselves on task at home. Through these processes, students can be taught how to succeed at school and carry those lessons with them into the future.