Our extensive reading program begins at the primary level with particular attention paid to phonemic awareness and phonics. IVY ED takes the time to work with and assess your child to determine an effective starting point. Once a starting point is established, our teachers work directly with your child as they begin sounding out and learn meanings of words, thus taking the initial steps toward reading comprehension.

Reading comprehension is one of the most difficult hurdles a student faces in their education. The shift from translating the words they read to understanding these words in groups can be complicated. The latest research proves that strong reading comprehension skills are achieved when students are able to retell, relate, and reflect upon the stories they read. IVY ED’s reading comprehension strategies not only focus on having appropriate-leveled reading books but also on complimentary assessment questions that challenge students to predict, make connections to personal experiences and other texts, and effectively express why they enjoyed or disliked a particular part of a book. Developing a greater understanding of the books they read is a powerful tool in comprehension efficiency as well as in establishing a love of reading.

Reading Fundamentals (J.K. to Grade 3)

Inarguably, literacy is the most important facet of learning. Achievement throughout the school years is founded on success in reading. We believe that every child can learn to read. The IVY ED reading program targets the students’ needs and maximizes the opportunities for learning.

The reading program is structured, purposeful, and effective in helping students acquire basic reading skills, such as word recognition, phonics, and comprehension.

The intention of this program is to help students acquire basic reading skills such as word recognition, phonics, and comprehension. The children are carefully tracked and given level-appropriate tasks and reading materials as they progress. We will build their confidence as readers and help make reading an enjoyable experience.

Whether your child is an emergent, early, or fluent reader, the IVY ED reading program will provide them with the opportunities to practice their skills and acquire essential new skills to ensure reading proficiency and confidence.

Junior/Intermediate Reading (Grades 3 to 8)

Building on the fundamentals, this program focuses on applying comprehension and higher-level thinking skills. Students receive explicit instruction in how to develop comprehension and thinking skills, thus enabling them to locate and remember important information from the text.

Students will learn and practice:

  • Activating relevant information before, during, and after reading
  • Asking appropriate and timely questions
  • Making connections between old and new information
  • Determining the most important ideas
  • Drawing information and inferences
  • Synthesizing and retelling what they have read
  • Creating sensory images of the text before, during, and after reading