secondary_mathMath is a large part of high school’s curriculum and it can sometimes be intimidating to try and make heads or tails of the various formulae and equations that get thrown about. IVY ED offers a two-stream approach to helping students improve their comprehension and application of math and follows the Ontario high school curriculum even while tailoring material to individual needs.

IVY ED offers classes that teach math in two-hour sessions up to twice per week with a certified math teacher. These classes take students through their current year’s curriculum and have a large self-driven aspect to them. Students can do as much of the course as they are willing.

Math tutoring is also available on a two-to-one basis, though one-on-one tutoring is also available if desired. A test is used to help assess how often tutoring sessions are needed, as well as a diagnostic test in order to get an idea of a student’s individual proficiencies. Math work from the previous school year is also reviewed for the same purpose. By seeing areas in which a student excels, struggles, and everything in between, IVY ED tutors can understand the points that warrant more attention.

Tutoring is able to assist with many of the units found throughout the high school curriculum including algebra, calculus, and data management. Emphasis is given to helping students improve in the main strands of evaluation (Knowledge, Communication, Application, and Thinking/Inquiry). This approach enables students to not only learn material but also to express their understanding and understand how they fit in to the world at large.