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IVY ED prides itself on understanding the specific needs of each and every student. We hold the belief that every child can learn.
IVY ED recognizes the effectiveness of the Ontario education system, but also identifies that problems can arise when teacher-to-student ratios become unbalanced. Without personal attention, students develop gaps in their learning: gaps that need to be filled to ensure a continuous positive learning experience.

icon-2IVY ED Employs Ontario
Certified Teachers


Can you imagine the benefit of your child addressing their individual needs with a classroom teacher? Your child will be working with the ultimate insider and receiving guidance from teachers working and grading within the school system. Our teachers know what it takes to achieve better grades because they hand them out every day. At IVY ED, your child’s success is our success.

icon-3IVY ED programs are based on the Ontario curriculum!


IVY ED does not rely on a self-created curriculum because we understand that every student learns differently. We use the Ontario curriculum to design specialized programs for each of our students that will meet their specific needs. Upon enrolling in the IVY ED program, we establish a partnership together to achieve a common goal. We will be there with you through every assignment and every test. Best of all, we will celebrate with you when your child brings home an improved report card.




The tutors at IVY ED are Ontario Certified Teachers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each session. We believe there is no replacement for the classroom experience.


3rd grade was very challenging for our daughter.  She is a smart girl but did not like going to school because she was not doing well. A friend recommended IVY ED. They did an assessment and found the gaps in her education that were keeping her from getting good grades. After tutoring at IVY ED, her grades improved and most importantly her self-esteem improved. She now loves going to school.  We are so glad we came to IVY ED.

Kathy H.

We would like to thank you for your amazing effort to make some time available for Alessandra on such short notice. Your commitment to your students and their well being is truly remarkable. We appreciate your great service for our community, but above all we appreciate your genuine human touch, which is hard to find these days. We also like to thank Marc for taking time during his weekend to help Alessandra. You have a great team of educators and we wish you many more years of great success!

Carmen S.

IVY ED is an amazing learning center. My daughter has improved very much and my son cannot wait to come here! I would not change a thing about your program. Teachers are amazing.
IVY ED is #1.

Mary B

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