English/Essay Writing


The secondary English program is quite a challenge for even the best of students. Middle and high school teachers put a significant amount of pressure on students to “raise the bar” with regards to the work they submit. These teachers know that proper writing techniques and delving deeper into varied texts will ensure that when their students leave for university, they will be well prepared.

The intention is certainly heartfelt; however, the jump in expectations is sudden and confusing for many students. IVY ED offers help in navigating these troubling waters. Whether your child needs assistance decoding Shakespeare or discovering hidden meanings in classic novels, IVY ED can facilitate a better understanding.

IVY ED also specializes in assisting students with essay writing. Our teachers know the proper and most effective ways to compose essays and will work alongside your child throughout the writing process. Teachers will not only edit student essays before they are to be submitted, but also explain why certain words or phrases need revision to ensure that when our students are on their own, writing university papers, they will be well-equipped to handle anything and everything that comes their way.