Writing is a fundamental part of engaging in all activities. Students should develop a strong foundation in writing so they can communicate their ideas effectively and efficiently. Tutoring can help even the most frustrated writer organize their thoughts and build the skills needed to write clear and concise descriptions, narratives, and informative sentences and paragraphs.

IVY ED can help remove the roadblocks to success and build skills to help your child learn to communicate well through writing. Children will learn to convey ideas effectively, concisely, and with proper grammar and usage conventions. Whether your child is struggling to build writing skills or wants to build on the strong skills they already have, our individualized tutoring programs are the perfect solution to help them become a strong writer.

We’ll begin with a comprehensive academic evaluation that will pinpoint your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Then we’ll tailor a tutoring program to meet your child’s specific needs and help them learn at their own pace. We will help students organize their thoughts and express themselves clearly on paper while boosting their skills, confidence, and ultimately, their grades. Whether your child is in a primary, junior, or intermediate grade, IVY ED will be able to help them reach their full writing potential.

Power Writing (Grades 3 to 6)

Power writing is a program focused on building students’ writing skills and abilities, ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 8. Students will be introduced to different types of writing varying from the creation of simple and complex sentences and building to the many types of structured paragraphs. Depending on their current level, students will be brought through the various parts of the program so that they can build upon what they already know and continually move forward. Through this program, students will master the features of power writing:

  • Pre-writing (brainstorming)
  • Drafting
  • Writing
  • Revising/Editing
  • Publishing

Students will leave with the proper resources and skills to excel in future writing activities.

High School Prep Writing (Intro to Essay Writing: Grades 7 to 8)

As we at IVY ED strives to achieve greatness with student writing, we offer a program dedicated to those who are entering secondary school and may have concerns about what secondary level writing should look like. Students will be guided through the essay-writing process using various appropriately leveled texts. This will include detailed instruction on how to properly formulate a thesis, along with creating an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. As the child’s writing progresses, they will learn a wide variety of writing formats and styles:

  • Illustrative and Descriptive essays
  • Compare and Contrast essays
  • Persuasive and Expository writing

To support their writing skills, your child will complete exercises in grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. With practice, comes perfection, therefore the final step in this program is practising the different concepts at hand and implementing this form of writing into the texts provided.