IB Prep

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma is a highly sought-after designation for those willing to apply themselves to the rigorous four years that it takes to achieve it. Availability to the program is limited and students are expected to write an entry exam as part of the application process. IVY ED’s director is a former coordinator and teacher of the IB program, and therefore, knows what it takes to be a successful IB student. The IB prep program has the following structure:

Identification: A preliminary diagnostic test is administered to identify strengths and weaknesses in relevance to the IB test that will be written.

Instruction: Using the results of the test, instructors will design a program that fulfills the student’s needs in order to maximize their scores. This phase will build the student’s skill and confidence not only in writing the IB test but with ever-day test-taking situations.

Reinforcement: Students are retested intermittently to establish the level of understanding of concepts. Instructors use this information as a reference for further instruction.
The IB prep classes are individualized and done on an as-need basis. For times and any other questions you may have in regards to this program please contact us by phone or email.