SAT Prep

What Are the SATs?

The SAT is a standardized examination designed to measure students’ abilities in three areas: reading, writing, and mathematical reasoning. It is valued by American schools because the College Board is an external body whose sole purpose is to evaluate students’ abilities. The SATs are an important element of the application process to colleges in the United States, and preparation needs to be taken seriously.

Our SAT program is designed specifically for the individual student. An extensive consultation and preliminary diagnostic will provide a student profile required to give the instructors a point of reference for the sessions. The IVY ED SAT preparation will cover all the components of the SATs, but it will especially focus on the child’s individual diagnostic results in order to strengthen the areas that need attention. For further information regarding this program, please call our contact line or email us.

What Is the Format of the SATs?

The SATs are three hours and 50 minutes long (including the optional essay):

A 100-Minute Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing Section

  • Reading Test (65 minutes; 52 questions)
  • Writing and Language Test (35 minutes; 44 questions)

An 80-Minute Math Section

  • Calculator-allowed section (55 minutes; 37 questions)
  • Calculator-not-allowed section (25 minutes; 20 questions)

A 50-Minute Optional Essay-Writing Section