What Is the SSAT?
More and more private schools are requesting that students complete an SSAT to be included with their application to the school. The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is an admissions test administered to students to help determine placement into a private school. The test is administered by the Secondary School Admission Test Board, which can be reached on the web at

There are three SSAT tests, each depending on the student’s current grade:

  • Lower Level SSAT (Grades 3-4)
  • Middle Level SSAT (Grades 5-7)
  • Upper Level SSAT (Grades 8-11)

The test takes two hours and 35 minutes to complete. The components of the SSAT are as follows:

  • A 40-minute reading comprehension section (multiple choice)
  • Two math sections of 30 minutes each (multiple choice)
  • A 30-minute verbal section (multiple choice)
  • An essay (25 minutes)

IVY ED SSAT Preparation Program

Instructors will address each of the sections of the test and amount of instruction depends on the individual need. IVY ED has prepared students for the SSAT for over 12 years and has an outstanding placement record of 95%. Our program is implemented in three phases:

Identification: A preliminary diagnostic test is administered to identify strengths and weaknesses in relevance to the SSAT that will be written.

Instruction: Using the results of the test, instructors will design a program that fulfills the student’s needs in order to maximize their score. This phase will build the student’s skills and confidence for writing the SSAT as well as for everyday test-taking situations.

Reinforcement: Students are retested intermittently to establish the level of understanding of concepts. Instructors use this information as a reference for further instruction.

For SSAT class times and any other further questions you may have in regards to this program, please contact us by phone or email.