Math is a large part of high school’s curriculum and it can sometimes be intimidating to try and make heads or tails of the various formulae and equations that get thrown about. IVY ED offers a two-stream approach to helping students improve their comprehension and application of math and follows the Ontario high school curriculum even while tailoring material to individual needs.

IVY ED offers classes that teach math in two-hour sessions up to twice per week with a certified math teacher. These classes take students through their current year’s curriculum and have a large self-driven aspect to them. Students can do as much of the course as they are willing.

Math tutoring is also available on a two-to-one basis, though one-on-one tutoring is also available if desired. A test is used to help assess how often tutoring sessions are needed, as well as a diagnostic test in order to get an idea of a student’s individual proficiencies. Math work from the previous school year is also reviewed for the same purpose. By seeing areas in which a student excels, struggles, and everything in between, IVY ED tutors can understand the points that warrant more attention.

Tutoring is able to assist with many of the units found throughout the high school curriculum including algebra, calculus, and data management. Emphasis is given to helping students improve in the main strands of evaluation (Knowledge, Communication, Application, and Thinking/Inquiry). This approach enables students to not only learn material but also to express their understanding and understand how they fit in to the world at large.

English/Essay Writing

The secondary English program is quite a challenge for even the best of students. Middle and high school teachers put a significant amount of pressure on students to “raise the bar” with regards to the work they submit. These teachers know that proper writing techniques and delving deeper into varied texts will ensure that when their students leave for university, they will be well prepared.

The intention is certainly heart-felt; however, the jump in expectations is sudden and confusing for many students. IVY ED offers help in navigating these troubling waters. Whether your child needs assistance decoding Shakespeare or discovering hidden meanings in classic novels, IVY ED can facilitate a better understanding.

IVY ED also specializes in assisting students with essay writing. Our teachers know the proper and most effective ways to compose essays and will work alongside your child throughout the writing process. Teachers will not only edit student essays before they are to be submitted, but also explain why certain words or phrases need revision to ensure that when our students are on their own, writing university papers, they will be well-equipped to handle anything and everything that comes their way.


IVY ED teachers are ready to assist students in each of the fields of science. From the general grade 9 science course to the specialized grade 12 subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our team of certified teachers will help students navigate through the complicated concepts and help them achieve greater self-confidence and ultimately higher grades. Part of the process in assisting students with these specialized subjects is to instill the habits of success when it comes to dealing with homework and test-taking. Teachers will coach and mentor the students and prepare extra work for them to ensure that students are doing the required amount of practice to be successful.


In high school, French is only required in Grade 9, and many students opt not to pursue the language in the following years. Even if students choose to make Grade 9 their final educational experience with French, they can still find themselves struggling to complete assignments and understand the material. High school is when essays start in force after all, and students can feel overwhelmed from wrapping their head, tongue, and writing around the language.

At IVY ED, our French tutors can help with comprehension, work reviews, conversation development, pronunciation, enunciation, and can offer assistance with assignments and essays for French students. This can help build confidence and comfort with the material and make their final year go more smoothly. Alternatively, students may discover a real love for the language and opt to continue onwards. If so, IVY ED will gladly support and assist them throughout the higher levels of high school French education.

French tutoring is especially useful for any student who has their eye on future employment opportunities, particularly since high school is when such prospects start getting serious consideration. Any job that involves public interaction can benefit from the ability to understand and be understood in more than one language, but the true benefit comes when seeking work with the government. Being able to speak French provides a significant leg up in any effort to seek employment with provincial or federal agencies, from student work-placements to internships and more.

IVY ED tutoring is done on a one-on-one basis with an Ontario-certified French teacher. This direct interaction allows students to be given the individualized attention they need so that their unique approaches to learning can be understood and accommodated. School classrooms lean towards one-size-fits-all solutions out of necessity, but tutoring allows for students to have their needs directly addressed in order to help them unleash their full potential.

IVY ED’s French tutors are available for French immersion students as well. Since these children use French for all their primary subjects, our educators can help tutor on a number of topics through French communication.


Study Skills

Every student approaches learning differently and these differences can be readily apparent when study skills are examined. Some students can devour a textbook chapter and deliver facts with ease but stumble when asked to extrapolate or apply those ideas or information in different ways. Others struggle to manage their time well or constantly lose track of work or assignments. These are just two examples of the wide spectrum that exists. Students don’t come with any special knowledge about how to manage themselves and prioritize. Parents don’t always know how to help in these matters either. This is why, with any program IVY ED offers, effective and efficient study skills are also imparted onto students.

The overarching objective when trying to teach study skills is to give students the tools they need to do homework, assignments, and to study independently. Part of this process involves finding ways to make a subject’s material align with a student’s values. For instance, a student who has trouble relating to material they can’t see practical use for might be able to have an easier time studying if they learn how to find real-world examples of those concepts.

A key part of building these sorts of skills is taking into account the unique way each student works with information. Some can grasp material quickly while others need to explore a subject in more depth to comprehend the numerous parts within a general concept. Some students thrive on nuance and explanation while others work best with direct statements and descriptions. The goal for us at IVY ED is to find out the individual quirks and needs for a student and to not only accommodate those styles in our teaching but also to help the student use those same inclinations to drive their work independently.

Time management and organizational techniques are a large part of this process. Calendars, daily planners, sticky notes, schedules, and more can be explored as ways to help students keep themselves on task at home. Through these processes, students can be taught how to succeed at school and carry those lessons with them into the future.